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a+ lime has started off modestly as a building material agency in may 2000 with a small repacking and distribution factory in selangor, malaysia. in october 2001, the plasterlime factory in beranang, selangor was commissioned. her third factory for producing quicklime was completed in year 2004. in the short few year period, a+ has transformed from a small building material agency into a major lime based construction material producer in malaysia

.......with an experienced production team, a modern factory setup, stringent quality control carried out in our in house laboratory equipped with full range of advanced test equipments, we strive to ensure all of our products would meet the highest quality standard.

.......over a short period of time, a+ products have gained confidence from the users and is already a trusted brand in the construction material industry today

.......firmly believe in the quality of our products, we submitted our application to sirim qas international (malaysian quality control agency) for quality certification of our plasterlime products. was found that our plasterlime product possesses all necessary ingredients and exceeds the minimum requirement in all tests required by the ms1569:2003 standard.

.......our plasterlime products were granted the licence from sirim (malaysian quality control agency) in year 2004, a testimony for its claimed quality and standard.

.......shake & use wet skim is another innovative product as a result of our r&d effort. it is a break through in technology in the construction material industry. prior to shake & use wet skim, skim coatings material comes in the form of powder. it requires homoginezing process, with electricity, water and stirring equipment a must

.......however, shake & use wet skim comes in ready mixed paste form, giving you the great benefits over the traditional skim coat and cement putty lime mortar. please refer to this webpage for the comparative advantages

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.......shake & use wet skim is an innovative invention, and was submitted for patent registration.

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.......firmly believe in continuous r&d to discover better, more convenient and cost effective products for the contruction industry, we have also introduced our joint compound, skim coat additive, and plastering additive products.

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